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Monday 25 Sept. 2017
Paris, France

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At WeYield, we aim to change the way revenue managers perform their daily tasks with better automation.

But day-to-day operations do not leave enough time for sharing ideas and experiences. So WeYield invites every one of you to join our annual User Forum to get fresh ideas and new developments in the pipeline.

WeYield User Forum is the unique event dedicated to revenue management in car rental. You can't miss it!

Emmanuel SCUTO, CEO of WeYield

Double shot!

Monday 25th sept come to share with us and your peers,
followed by IFTM Paris (26 to 29 sept 2017)


Do you work in independant car rental or mobility industry ?

Are you involved in revenue challenges to pilot your business growth?


Discover below why you will enjoy your day and why it’s a “don’t miss” event for you.
Take a breath and scale up your business with fun !


Welcome lunch

02:00 pm

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04:00 to 7:00 pm


07:00 pm

Yielders awards

07:30 pm

Drinks and petits four!


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12:00 Noon - Bagel time!


Meet the peers and the team WeYield.
Coffee time will be served by Handspresso, portable expresso machine
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What if every franchisee manages its yield ?

Having full access to your rate and inventory control changes is a dream for most of car rental operators. What if it would be possible to update price and capacity instantly?

portrait antone buhl Speaker: Antoine Buhl is Chief Technical Officed at Siriona, provider of Availpro channel manager system. He will present what is existing in hotel industry since years to manage distribution and yield tactics. Let's dream of a potential implementation in car rental industry.


Beyond the technics, how did yield impact the organization.

Since full implementation of yield management in 2011, results have impacted Sepamat-Europar Atlantique yield performance. In addition it has a big impact on organization and processes as well. Get insight of how it changes the entire company organization.

portrait Benoît Levesque Speaker: Benoît Levesque, Commercial Director, will tell the story of Yield implementation at Sepamat, Europcar franchise network for more than 20 years. With 3500 car fleet, Europcar Atlantique is one of the largest operator within the network.


Providing “easy to use” revenue management tools

WeYield aims to deliver more automation in Yield Management to help car rental and mobility operators to pilot better their activity. This goal is not easy to achieve due to recent implement of Revenue Management technics in this industry. Get insights why WeYield has revamped its web applications and how they did it.

portrait Emmanuel Scuto Speaker: Emmanuel Scuto, CEO, will present the processed followed and the output developed to provide yield management automation to car rental and mobility operators. To answer lack of revenue and technology backgrounds, WeYield revamped totally its set of solutions to provide an easy-to-use piloting platform.


Toosla: an original pricing strategy

What if hotel "daily" pricing model could be implemented in car rental industry to get rid-off the length-of-rent model? The startup Toosla is experiencing it to simplify its pricing structure and improve reactivity in rate updates. Get first feedback about this exprience.

portrait Emmanuel De Brosses Speaker: Emmanuel de Brosses is consultant at Optimister and partner of WeYield. Expert in revenue management for car rental and hotel. He will share the results of this experience with the Operations Manager of Toosla.


Allotments: how to deal with brokers ?

Car fleet is the stock and the value of the operator. Like for airline or hotels, being able to maximize revenue and profit is directly link to the management of the capacity available. Attend the workshop managed by Hertz Morocco and get tips on how they adapt their operating system and their commercial relations to implement allocation controls by market segment.

portrait Guillaume Gery Speaker: Guillaume Gery, GM of Hertz Morocco. After a long experience in car rental in Caribean Islands and in Morocco, Guillaume will present his inventory control policy has been put in place to manage low contribution broker.


And what about rate shop for small operators?

Is Yield Management dedicated to large operator? Does it make sense for a small entity with less than 100 cars? See how it is changing way of piloting the activity of WeVan, a mini-van and campers rental company based on French Atlantic coast.

portrait Benjamin Hode Speaker: Benjamin Hode is consultant-founder of OptimYield and partner of WeYield. After having managed the Yield and Pricing at Europcar Atlantique, he implements and manages optimization processes for independent car rental operators. Wevan objective is to be able to organize as early as possible its systems and processes along Yield Management technics.


Avis Corsica, yield addict after one year

Corsica activity has the particularity to be multiplied by four from winter to summer. Therefore, managing such hugh capacity over few months requires a good organization and a proper piloting tool to monitor the demand.

portrait Maryline Volay Speaker: Maryline Volay, Manager of Avis-Budget within Ollandini group, will present why she decided to go for Yield management automation and will share her first results in summer 2017.


Costa Rica: what the optimum fleet should be?

Deciding what the optimum fleet should be has always been a major challenge in Costa Rica. Basically, defining how many and what type of cars were needed used to be based on growing demand only. Unfortunately this impacted the year-round performance. Attend this speech to hear how our "atypical" fleet structuration was used to boost financial performance.

portrait Roberto Gonzalez Speaker (in english): Roberto Gonzales, Sales and Pricing Manager at Europcar Costa Rica will share his experience in implementing Yield Management automation and results of "fleet" optimization tactic.


Automatic rate shop is not dedicated to large operator

Rate shop analyzer dedicated is an essential tool to track demand and take yield decisions. And it is not dedicated to large car rental operator. As of 100 cars, it could be useful to get an automation to concentrate fully on sales decisions not on manual rate collection.

portrait David Cretin Speaker: David Cretin, Senior Yield Management Consultant at WeYield, will share his corporate and consulting experience in managing automatic rate shop. It will explain why it is so important to choose the query criteria correctly.


I.A., machine learning: to ease your job.

Intelligence artificial, machine learning...you have certainly heard about them. Come and hear in an easy-to-understand way how we used these technologies in our application to speed-up the day-to-day yield manager tasks.

portrait Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte Speaker: Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte, Development Manager at WeYield, will try to explain as simply as possible what is machine learning via basic examples.


Piloting the demand, OnRent change for 2017

In the previous version of Cocktail RM, technicals choices were made for the OnRent, with potential impacts on the future demand computation. See how 2017 'Bagel' version of WeYield's web application has been corrected for more and better piloting details.

portrait Grégoire Chauvet Speaker: Grégoire Chauvet, application developper at WeYield will detail the types of improvements
07:00 pm - WeYield awards

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About the venue


Anticafé Olympiades
Cluster Innovation Factory
www.anticafe.eu/olympiades +33 1 53 82 57 06

59 rue Nationale - 75013 Paris
Station Olympiades

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